Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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washington post and others report that reform law has not had major impact on Medicare Advantage plans despite cuts in their payment.  This is a surprise to many including myself, as cuts were expected to reduce plans and their offerings.

Alliance for health reform has interesting session next monday Trends in Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S.: The Impact of the Economy. 12/6. Unfortunately I can't go.

I think the proposals from the various deficit reduction plans have potential. I don't agree with several proposals, but if reasonable minds work on these goals, perhaps a good set of compromises can be achieved.  I see some merit to raising the retirement ages for social security and medicare very slowly and increasing the ceiling on social security to which the tax applies. Right now higher earners don't pay higher social security taxes. That is inconsistent with many other policies.  Making medicare a voucher program would be a terrible idea.  Amazed to see that public is mixed on raising social security taxes on wealthiest to be consistent percent for all.  Wonder if there is much chance of any action by Congress on any of these proposals, but perhaps lays the groundwork for the future. 

Interesting finding that HMOs are now more expensive than PPOs.