Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Increased Costs of Romney/Ryan Plan to Current Medicare beneficiaries


Increased Costs During Retirement
Under the Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan

These costs will be to current Medicare beneficiaries if Romney/Ryan plan is enacted.  Two important factors are the 1) the prescription drug donut hole is restored to full impact and 2) for those who also receive Medicaid, those costs will increase such as for nursing homes. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Contrast Between Obama and Romney/Ryan

The first three articles/posts point out a clear contrast between Obama and Romney/Ryan 

One of the issues that greatly concerns me is that polls show that many seniors are not aware that Obamacare provides many new preventive services (see http://www.medicare.gov/coverage/preventive-and-screening-services.html  ) 
and closes the donut hole.  Further these seniors believe that the cuts to Medicare reduce services when in fact the cuts are reductions in excess payments to the insurance companies and providers and are not a reduction in benefits.  

1) President's remarks to AARP Re Health Reform whihc point out the major differences with Romney on Medicare.


2) From Huffington Post, excerpt from 60 minutes interview in which Romney says uninsured can always go to ER for care.


3) Ryan booed at AARP conference


4)   Health Care Law’s Impact On Businesses Varies USA TODAY by Kelly Kennedy


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Study Highlights Potential Benefits of Accountable Care


According to this study by the Commonwealth Fund, the Physician Group Practice Demonstration, achieved particularly large savings in the care of "dual eligibles," who are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid.  This demonstration is one of the models being considered under Obamacare.