Saturday, April 17, 2010

next steps

One of the things that I feel is very important is to develop a comprehensive communication strategy for educating the public as to what is in the reform package.  there are quite a few documents out there as listed in my blog, but we need it all in one simple place that gets shared widely. Just a few pages with the impact on the major groups, consumers, industries, the health system, etc; particular emphasis on how the bill saves money and makes the system more efficient, and debunks the key myths.

I see this as essential.  if we are to turn around the polls which are negative on reform and also to keep in the dems in control of congress. One part of this strategy is to get Obama to talk from the oval office or fireside chat.

I hope to work on a communications strategy for at least the Montgomery County section of Obama's Organizing for America and welcome others to work with me wherever you live. 

On another note, I think Senator Baucus needs to get more credit for the bill.  it was many of his ideas back in a November 2008 paper that laid the groundwork for the bill that passed.  he incoroporated the lessons of Massachusetts and added many other key provisions.

here is another source for a good summary of legislation

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