Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Countering the attack on health reform

with the attack mounting on health reform, I see the need for us to get involved again in supporting it.  please let me know thoughts on this. 

I am planning to organize phone banks again and welcome help on this.  have some thoughts on pr material. think obama needs to speak from oval office at some point.  rallies are needed.

here are a few talking points

the republicans want a government that:

o    denies health care to 50 million people, so that they can suffer unnecssarily,

o   raises the cost of health care by x%, and increases our debt by $1 trillion

o   raises drug costs for medicare benes

o   lower the quality of medical care and increase inefficiencies in health care

o   insists that dying patients suffer much pain and not allow them the option of a peaceful and/or pain free death

o   undermines the competitiveness of our all our industries to other countries because of the high cost and inefficient health care

is this the government that we want.

or do we want a government that (the opposite of all these statements)

please let me know comments on this.

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  1. another talking point:
    o repeal creates a government that supports insurance companies making profits at the expense of sick patients, whom they deny care.