Saturday, January 28, 2012

cms care innovations summit

CMS held a Care Innovations Summit on January 26, 2012.  Cosponsors were West Wireless Health Institute and Health Affairs.

Here is summit website

CQHealthbeat has a good summary of Atul Gawande's talk for those who are paid subscribers.  Write me at for a copy of that section.

Here are my notes on key points

o  Nationally looking at different regions the best results are not most expensive, which is good otherwise would need to ration
 o Using checklist reduces deaths by 47%

Reisman, Aetna: Eliminating drug copays reduced heart attacks, reduced cost, but still limited compliance

Prestwich, USC: Provide physicians, etc with prompting sheet as part of EMR that includes a treatment plan

Kirchhoff, Weight Watchers: In UK, conducted trial with vouchers, 35% of participants had 10% weight loss in one year

Chen, Chenmed: Have all doctors talk with other after seeing a patient

Hoops, Wellpoint: for ESRD provide comprehensive primary care at clinic, include home visits to understand patient's environment, etc.

Some other key points:
o  To reduce hospital readmissions, hospital staff ensures integration of all services, nurse staff consult with primary care physician and patient
o  Many patients do not take all their meds, so need to ensure they do.

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