Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obamacare party Handout with revised summary, etc.

This package was put together for the Obamacare party on 7/17/12. It is an updated summary of the law and list of top sources. Videos and photos will be posted soon from the party and phonebank.
A Very Brief Summary of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (also known as Obamacare)

Starting in 2011,
·         Children could stay on their parents insurance plan until the age of 26.
·         Children could not be denied health insurance coverage.
·         Seniors had expanded preventive care 
·         Seniors who had Medicare prescription drug plans had reduced drug costs
·         Small businesses gained a 35% tax credit to cover employees

In 2014,
·        32 million will have health insurance who currently do not* (*very important)
·       Adults cannot be denied health insurance coverage.
·         Women no longer can be charged higher premiums than men nor dropped for pregnancy.
·         The only individuals who will pay a tax are those who refuse to buy health insurance but can afford to pay.  This reduces the costs for the rest of us.  This is like auto insurance.

By 2019, the prescription drug donut hole will be eliminated for Seniors.

The Following Myths are False
·         The Affordable Care is not a Federal government run program as it will expand access to private insurance.
·         The non partisan Congressional Budget Office says the Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit.
·         There are no death panels, and the Federal government is not paying for any abortion services. 

For a more detailed summary, go to

List of my most useful Blogs
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here is link to excellent video

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From Medicare: The New Health Care Law and You

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For a more complete list of my most useful blogs, see

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