Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Consumers lack knowledge of Obamacare - A Critical Issue

Here are key sources on this issue, an important upcoming event, an a request for help.  

1) Worries Mount About Enrolling Consumers In Federally Run Insurance Exchanges.

Few consumers know what they'll need to do to sign up for the new health insurance marketplaces. Advocates worry about this.

2) Poll : 3 years later Americans still don't understand health law

3)  How Will Consumers Navigate New Health Care Options?

Kaiser Family Foundation is hosting a session on 4/18 at thier offices in D.C. See the following for details


So this is one of the major issues facing Obamacare this coming year as we gear up to implementing the major provisions of the bill .I have been asked to provide advise to some key folks dealing with this issue. So I welcome suggestions on

o   Issues to address
o   Persons and organizations to consult
o   Literature to review
o   Any work done on focus groups

Re focus groups, my understanding is that many consumers do not know many of the key facts and myths re Obamacare.  For instance, many still think there are death panels.  When you explain the bill, consumers get it.  So what is needed to bridge the gap.  Does anyone know focus group work that has been done. 

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