Friday, January 10, 2014

Most Uninsured Unaware Of Tax Credits

KHN: Most Uninsured Unaware Of Tax Credits, Survey Finds

2) Hospital Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility

From Health Affairs Blog: how hospitals can help enroll patients. 

 3) Observation Care Status: The High Costs Of This Fine Print

I personally experienced the hospital losing out on this type of care. I question the policy.  

4) Some tweets from Larry Leavitt, Kaiser FF

It’s halftime for open enrollment. The young and healthy will likely enroll in larger numbers in the 2nd half

Risk corridors and reinsurance act as big shock absorbers in the first 3 years to protect against a bad enrollment mix.

We’re not going to know about health mix anytime soon. Even insurers won’t know a lot when they have to set premiums for 2015

5)  NYT: Understanding New Rules That Widen Mental Health Coverage




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