Friday, May 23, 2014

Potential Savings from Price Transparency + more

1) IDEA Forum Details Analysis Showing $100B
in Potential Savings from Price Transparency 

An overview of the analysis 

Potential savings from three policy initiatives, including:
  1. Use state all-payer health claims databases (APCDs) to report hospital prices
  2. Require electronic health record systems to provide prices to physicians when ordering diagnostic tests
  3. Require all private health plans to provide personalized out-of-pocket expense information to enrollees
 Full Report: Potential Savings from Price Transparency 

Media coverage of this event

2) Rockefeller Says Racism Plays Role In Health Law Criticism 

3) Health Care Management
To avoid problems and to optimize the consumer experience, a new, more effective management structure is essential for the Affordable Care Act open enrollment in November.

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