Monday, August 11, 2014

Thoughts on CMS' Innovation Center + more

This blog entry covers CMS' Innovation Center and other articles.  

Washington's $10 Billion Search For Health Care's Next Big Ideas

Here are my comments in response to the above article which appeared in the Post and Kaiser Health News article 

I worked for CMS' Office of Research and Demonstrations for 13 years.  Our model of carefully designed demonstrations with research designs and evaluation research was extremely successful.  We produced many major changes in the program thru legislation such as prospective payment in hospitals and home health, managed care, risk adjustment, hospice care, prenatal care, and many others.  I highly recommend that this model get far more attention at CMS.  

I made this comment on the Post site but as of this writing it has not been displayed yet. 

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  1. Kaiser Health News posted the comment on their article re the Innovation Center in this blog entry in their Letters to the Editors Section.