Friday, September 5, 2014

How People Feel About Their Employer-Sponsored Health Plans +

How People Feel About Their Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

A Perilous Gap In Health Insurance Literacy
Some important findings.

Part-Time Jobs Are Increasing. But Don’t Blame Obamacare – Yet.

The War on Obamacare has Become a War on Minorities and the Poor 

The 125 percent solution for American health care

Little Evidence of the ACA Increasing Part-Time Work So Far  While the report makes a good case, I am not convinced since I heard or read quite a few companies who reduced hours for workers citing the ACA.  Perhaps they were planning to do this anyway and blamed the ACA unfairly.  Hard to know.   

Accountable Care States: The Future of Health Care Cost Control 
This paper by some leading health economists argues that we are unlikely to make a significant dent in further controlling costs at the national level and should therefore turn it over to states to enact cost controls.  Some states are already doing this.  While there is merit to this position, not convinced that we cannot do it at the national level.  We have already made some inroads by enacting the ACA with health exchanges, and creating ACOs.  

Average Exchange Premiums Show Slight Decline In 2015: Report 

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