Friday, December 5, 2014

Lowest health care inflation rate since 1960!!! +

This issue has a wide range of articles, etc.
  • On lower inflation rate
  • Expanded coverage
  • Significant editorials
  • Prices
  • Taxes
  • Local Enrollment 
1) Here’s exactly how the United States spends $2.9 trillion on health care

Lowest growth rate since 1960.  Great news.  The role of ACA is not known as far as I can tell, but my guess is it has contributed for reasons discussed previously.  There are many provisions in the law that contribute to efficiencies.

Here is more on this topic
U.S. Health Spending Shows Modest Increase
2) Gaining Ground: Americans' Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care After the Affordable Care Act's First Open Enrollment Period

Survey finds most adults with new ACA coverage said they were better off now.

Survey: 10 Million Got Coverage Due To Obamacare

Federal Officials Urge Marketplace Consumers To Look For Better Deals In 2015

3)  National Quality Forum (NQF) Begins Annual Review of Quality Measures for Use in 20 Federal Programs NQF welcomes comments

4)  ACA Editorials

Is Obamacare Destroying the Democratic Party? 
While I disagree with Schumer's criticism of the ACA, this article raises some interesting points.  My concern with Schumer is what is the point at this time in criticizing the ACA. Does he favor repealing it. I would hope not.  Does it make the party stronger right now. It seems to me to just undermine the President and the party.  Does he think that the public will be more likely to support Democrats in the future if they distance themselves from the President.  I think the public will see it as disloyalty.  What do you all think?  

Health Reform: Foolish, Courageous, or Both

The Obamcare Paradox: The Law Looks Terrible But Is Doing Great This article is very well done.

5) It's Not All About the Premiums 

Federal Officials: Health Exchange Consumers Should Compare Plans To Find Best Deals Officials Say Price Comparison Is Crucial to Choosing Health Plans   State Highlights: 2015 Financial Outlook Is "Stable," But States Will Face Pressure From Medicaid 6)   AAII Journal's Tax Guide

This guide covers the rules covered by the ACA.

7) Capital Region Enrollment

I circulated a package on enrollment events in Montgomery County to be held on 12/6 and related info.  Here is the package I posted. 

MoCo HealthConnectNow 12/6/14 Enroll in ACA + #‎vr4smallbiz
This link contains the following brochures and fact sheets.

Volunteers needed for this important enrollment event.  All current enrollees with private insurance need to re-enroll by 12/18 if they want to continue the subsidy.   

Here is also a flyer for Prince George's 12/6 enrollment event's

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