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Revised Package for OFA - MD

Have put together the following package which is briefer than what I shared previously. 
For those who might be interested. I am working with Organizing for America (OFA), Montgomery County Health Reform Team.  Our goal is to train folks to deal with myths and facts re ACA.  I would love to have more of you working with me on policy issues, training packages, etc.  Hopefully, this will be useful to other parts of the OFA teams across the country. 

1) Massachusetts

Massachusetts health reform, myths vs facts

here is a project from families usa which presents 7 personal stories of folks and businesses helped by ACA.  Highly recommended

 3) Radio tape

Tape of my CBS Local Radio Interview on Affordable Care Act on 1 year anniversary. 
see transcript below. However, recommend listening to tape first.   

4) Kaiser Poll

Kaiser poll on attitudes to affordable care act (ACA)

5) Summaries of ACA

Here are four of the best summaries of the ACA. 

a) times magazine

this is the best package, has a simple set of charts, plus a good article on the cost efficiency issues which has been missing for the most part from other reviews.

b) kaiser summary

good summary

c)  consumer reports

d) another useful source

this site is operated by USHHS

Key points from CBS Local Radio Interview

1. What are the benefits of this new law
the law is already benefiting most Americans:
  • Children can stay on their parents' health coverage until they turn 26
  • Insurance companies cannot deny children coverage for pre-existing conditions or cancel coverage because a person has been treated in the past
5 million kids
  • Insurers can no longer put a lifetime benefit limit on your coverage or cancel your plan if you get sick
  • Seniors who fall into the Medicare prescription drug "doughnut hole" get $250 toward costs
3 million
46 million preventive svcs
  • Small businesses get a 35% tax credit to help pay for employees' coverage.
4 million
Additional benefits and savings in 2014, when the law is fully in place:
  • Insurance companies won't be able to deny anyone coverage for pre-existing coverage or place lifetime limits
Now only kids
  • People who don't get health coverage at work will chose among a number of health plans, in a new marketplace run by state govts, these will be better plans than now available, pay on a sliding scale
  • The Medicare drug doughnut hole will continue to shrink until totally eliminated.
Improve quality, make system more efficient, and reduce deficit.
2) 2.    Is there any misleading information about the law?
Charges: Death panels, not true
Charge: govt will pay for Abortion, not true
Charge: undocumented Immigrants, no
Charge: Govt run, not true
Charge: increase Deficits
Cong. Budget office, which has always been regarded by both parties until now as a unbiased scorekeeper says will reduce deficit by a trillion in 20 years.  Only time repbul have questioned cbo
3. Do you know anyone who has been helped by the ACA (Affordable Care Act)
A) " Lindsay, is 23 years old with 6-year-old son who has asthma.
Husband has new job, hlth ins will not cover because pre existing cond
She waits tables, but they can’t afford his medical bills
New law means husband’s ins covers her son.  Can’t deny children with pre-existing
B)  "Brian is a small business owner. He's had his auto company in Maryland for many years and provides health insurance for his employees
Brian worries about the 15-20% hike in premiums.
"The new health law provides Brian and other small business owners with a tax credit to help with the costs of covering their employees
c) David was covered under his employee plan, coverage dropped, because he hadn't listed hemorrhoids as a 'digestive disorder' or mentioned high triglycerides and cholesterol—which he had no idea he even had
insurance company went back in his record and cancelled his plan retroactively. Appealed denied.
"Under the new law, it is illegal for health insurance companies to take coverage away from people like David who play by the rules, pay all of their premiums,

4. What about the individual mandate and court challenges
this is the main issue being challenged in court
Requires everyone to have insurance,  same as auto ins
If a person gets sick, avoids drs. ends up in ER costing everyone more money
Spreads the costs to everyone, makes it cheaper for all of us
If a person chooses not to get insurance, Why should we bear the burden when they get sick.
As indicated main court challenge is on indiv mandate, won’t know until supreme court rules and there is uncertainty about this,
can revise the law if mandate is rejected
6. what if the law is repealed
Then 30 million will not have hlth ins and won’t get hlth care,morally wrong, everyone is entitled to education and to health care, it is a basic right
Ins companies can deny if pre existing or set lifetime limits, this is unfair
Have a much greater deficit, poorer quality, less efficient. 
We can’t let this happen

7. Impact on business
·       Small businesses get tax credit in 2011
·       Small businesses employees under 100 can get insurance thru exchanges in 2014
·       Need to reduce rate of health care inflation, which is twice as high as rest of developed world, seriously hurting small and large businesses
·       Better health care makes more productive employees both for the employees and their families which also effects employees
·       More health care jobs

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  1. Thanks for these nice and healthy advices; I am going to tell all these tips to my grandfather and my whole family also. Everyone should take good care about their health. Health is everything to human's life. :)