Thursday, April 21, 2011

OFA materials

Tonight I am participating in a training session on health reform for Organizing for America in Moco. 

here are my talking points and resource handout.


I.       What are some of the key benefits of the Affordable
Care Act

The law is already benefiting many Americans:

·       Children can stay on their parents' health plan until they
turn 26  - up to 3 million can benefit
from this provision.
·       Insurance companies cannot deny children coverage for
current medical problems or cancel coverage because of prior treatment – up to
5 million kid
·       Insurers can no longer put a dollar maximum on health
insurance coverage or cancel a plan if a person gets sick
·       Seniors who have higher Medicare prescription drug costs now
will get greater costs covered, and by 2019 all prescription drug costs will be covered – up to 3 million seniors
    ·       All 46 million seniors with Medicare will get new coverage of  several preventive services.

·       Small businesses get a 35% tax credit to help pay for
employees' coverage.  – up to 4 million
persons covered
Additional benefits and savings in 2014, when the law is fully in place:
·       Insurance companies won't be able to deny anyone coverage
for medical conditions or place a limit on your coverage.  N
only kids cannot be denied.

·       People who don't get health coverage at work will choose
among a number of health plans, in a new marketplace run by state governments.  These will be better health
insurance plans than now available, and people will pay based on their income and other financial criteria.
·      The ACA will also improve quality, make health care more efficient, and reduce the deficit.

II.      Myths: Is there any misleading information being said about the law?

·       Charge: The law creates death panels
     Ø This is a totally false charge.

·       Charge: The Federal government will pay for abortions
Ø The bill specifically states that no Federal funds can
be used for abortion services.
·       Charge:  The law covers undocumented or illegal immigrants
Ø This is a totally false charge.
·       Charge: This is program run by the Federal Government.
Ø The bill specifically states that the Federal
Government will not operate any new insurance programs. 
·       Charge: the law increase deficits
Ø The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which has
always been regarded by both parties until now as a unbiased scorekeeper says the law will reduce the deficit by a trillion in 20 years.  This is the only time that Republicans have questioned the Congressional Budget Office.


1) Massachusetts  *
Massachusetts health reform, myths vs facts

2) Videos
a) Families USA (via my blog) or direct

From families usa with videos of 7 personal stories of folks and businesses helped
by ACA.  Highly recommended

b) Video: How Health Reform Really Works  [From Ellen-Marie
Whalen, CAP]

3) Radio tape

Tape of my CBS Local Radio Interview on Affordable Care Act on 1 year anniversary. 

4) Kaiser Poll

Kaiser poll on attitudes to affordable care act (ACA)

5) Summaries of ACA (Affordable Care Act):  Here are 4 of the best summaries of the ACA. 

a)      Times magazine

This is the best package, has a simple set of charts, plus a good article on
the cost efficiency issues which has been missing for the most part from other reviews.

b)      Kaiser summary   Excellent summary
c)  Consumer Reports  Excellent summary
d) Another useful source  this site is operated by USHHS

* note tinyurl’s are shortened versions of websites.

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