Friday, October 21, 2011

Herndon Alliance / Know Your Care Healthcare Poll

The Herndon Alliance recently sent me slides with the results of surveys they conducted on attitudes to the Affordable Care Act and related issues.  They are developing messages to support the Act.  Here is a summary of one set of key slides.  Contact me for the slides. 


A strong majority of voters do not want the ACA repealed or defunded.
•Voters trust President Obama and Democrats more than Republicans on healthcare, Medicare and protecting the middle class.
•Support for healthcare reform is consistently understated by polls – 10 percent of voters both do not think the current law goes far enough and do not support the ACA.
•Not only do voters soundly reject the Republicans’ proposed changes to Medicare, they are also just as concerned that the GOP’s proposed Medicaid cuts would impact 80% of nursing home residents and that the plan would allow insurance companies to continue to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.
•To increase support for the ACA, stress ending denials for pre-existing conditions and that members of Congress will be required to get their healthcare from the same place as millions of Americans. These consistently emerge as the most popular two benefits of the law.
•Both the attacks on the GOP budget and the positive messages on the ACA increased support for the new healthcare law, though the latter appears to be a little more effective both overall and with key audiences.

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