Friday, October 28, 2011

Medicaid and dual eligibles

previously I posted  thoughts on how to integrate long term services and support (previously called long term care)

today, I went to an Alliance for Health Reform session on Medicaid managed care.  see

A webcast of this session which includes my questions can be seen at

Judy Feder had an interesting paper (see Komisar + Feder, 2011) in which she suggested that Medicare take over the system for duals, perhaps thru special needs plans.  Matt Salo from the new Natl Assn of Medicaid Directors said that Medicare has shown little interest in that. 

In my view, one way or another, we need to integrate the payments between medicare and medicaid especially for the duals, which are the most costly, integrate services between medicare and medicaid, and ensure adequate quality of care, such as using the medicare measures. 

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