Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos from Supreme Court Rally day 3

here is a link to a set of photos that I took at today's rally.  There were about 200 folks in support and 40 opposed.  Saw Jon Randall, Rosie Engman, Mark Ferrenz, and Virginia Richardson from OFA, and Marc Steinberg from Families USA at the event and some friends. Other organizations I saw there were SEIU and NOW, among others.

There were speeches by a congressman, a navaho rep speaking on medicaid, a senior citizen talking about his wife needing nursing home care paid for by medicaid, and others.  Then we marched in a circle with our signs, with various chants.  "We want health care, we want obamacare" or something like that and other cheers.

Virginia and I got interviewed by a reporter, Jessica Gresko from AP who has been covering the court rallies.

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  1. Thank you so much for your efforts to get out the ralliers and to keep us all up to date on the issues! I couldn't be down there but watched each day on CSPAN. It was cold those days! I look forward to speaking with you about your experience in person soon. Meanwhile, as always, I'm inspired by your willingness to put your body where your convictions are.