Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comments on Supreme Court, obesity counceling, and EHR

Today's blog is on several different topics. Some from Kaiser Health News.

1) My thoughts on the Supreme Court Decision

So Thursday morning is the big day.  I have no knowledge to predict the outcome.  I hope that they validate the entire law and believe it is possible. Several folks have made good arguments that if they reject the individual mandate, they are undermining the commerce clause.  On the other hand, the cynical side of me has not a lot of faith in this supreme court.  On too many decisions, this court has made what I call political decisions, such as the decision to approve Bush's election, and the Citizens United case.  My hope is that if the reject the mandate, that is all they kill.  While that decision will undermine the bill, the rest of the provisions will carry us far forward.  If they reject other provisions, then we are in trouble.

2) Articles from Kaiser Health News  that are of significance

a) Preventive Services Task Force Endorses Obesity Screening, Counseling


this is a very  good recommendation which has lots of merit.  I have greatly benefited from a program started at GWU and is now operated by the National Center for Weight and Wellness. I highly recommend their program and its features. 

b) Electronic Health Records Could Help Lower Malpractice Claims


sounds good.  


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  1. a colleague who is an expert on weight control points out rightly so that IOM recommendations are insufficient. Much more time and more comprehensiv programs are needed to address weight control issues.