Thursday, June 28, 2012

Incredible! My best dreams for this decision were realized.

As I blogged the other day,  I thought upholding the mandate was a definite possibility but I certainly wasn't certain.  This is very exciting to see this outcome, with Roberts, a Bush appointee, being a key vote.

Today I will celebrate.  I hope the american public will now accept this decision, but I am sure the Republicans will work hard to fight it.  We will still have to work hard to re-elect Obama and keep enough Democrats in congress.

This is very moving.

Still trying to figure out the impact of the decision on Medicaid.  Sounds like States can decide to opt of the new medicaid provisions w/o a penalty.

Addendum:  Just listened to obama.  I have been waiting two years for him to speak to the country about the law.  A very good speech, but there are a few critical comments that he could have added, such as this will save money, and result in better care.

Romney on the other hand had some good sound bites but most of them were inaccurate, such as 20 million will lose their insurance (somewhat accurate but misleading), and that costs will go up (definitely offbase).

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