Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obamacare may be causing a slowdown in health spending

There is clearly a reduction in the rate of increase in health care spending. This trend has been going on for the past decade or so, but appears to have increased in the past two years. It is possible that Obamacare has contributed to this increase. How important is this trend?  Does Obama need to make more of a point of this, even if he can't attribute it to Obamacare? What is the best way to get this message out.

Here is the latest article on this.


See the article on: Decleration of Health Spending. See me at for full article. This is an important article.

Here are some of other articles that I have identified of significance on this topic.


Karen Davis’s blog


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Altarum Institue
McKinsey Center for U.S. Health Systems Reform

Other articles

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