Saturday, March 23, 2013

3rd anniversary and related items

This blog captures a number of thoughts as we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Obamacare.

  1) This video from Kaiser is wonderful 
   2)      Here are a set of blogs from Secretary Sebelius for the 3rd anniversary
   3)      Here is an article that raises issues re Obamacare

Health-care law uncertainty grips Old Town Alexandria cafe — and other small businesses

4) Kaiser Poll: Public still does not understand Obamacare

As indicated in this blog

I am particularly looking for ideas on how to educate consumers more effectively on Obamacare.  This is critical!! 

I hope to develop such a project and welcome any ideas and advice, including persons who might be good to work with on such a project or ways to find such ideas and persons.

5) This blog posting discusses

1) The high price of health care; 2) Obamacare priorities

The good news is that health care inflation has lower the last 4 years than previous years.  What is not fully known is how much Obamacare is contributing, but it is speculated that it is playing a factor.   If nothing else it builds on the trends by encouraging more work on accountable care organizations, pay for performance, etc.  that are contained in the bill.

6)      These blog entries contain useful info on explaining Obamacare.

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