Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Buying Insurance Will Change Under Obamacare; New Whitehouse website: This is Obamacare; + more

1) How Buying Insurance Will Change Under Obamacare

From Policy Insights series this latest post  ( ), the Kaiser Family Foundation's Larry Levitt, Karen Pollitz, Gary Claxton and Anthony Damico discuss how the process of buying insurance on the individual market will change under Obamacare. 

 2) New Whitehouse website: This is Obamacare

This is a new website that does a nice job of portraying the advantages for the U.S. and for each state.   Provides an overview of benefits and what the GOP is trying to take away.

3) Consumer Reports November issue has lots of very useful information. Including quality rankings of health plans in each State.

4) Volunteer for Obamacare

If willing to serve as a volunteer to support Obamacare, please contact Tony Hausner  301-587-6943. 

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  1. here is link to consumer reports issue. The published issue and online subscribers have ratings of all the plans.