Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Guide to Enrolling in the Maryland Insurance Marketplace (and other states)

Here are my thoughts on some of the best documents I have seen which guide folks in preparing for enrollment.Please share with others.

1) For those who want to check out what Maryland offers through its new health insurance market, I recommend the following
Visit their website  
and/or call their hotline 1-855-MHC(642)-8572  M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. right now. Longer hours on 10/1 and after. 
See their checklist for key information you will need to have when you enroll

For more local assistance including in person assistance, see the 6 regional connectors within Maryland at

For each regional connector, you will find a calendar of events which indicates where they will be located on particular days.

2) For additional information or for other states , either see your state health marketplace (see the HHS site below for that information) and/or see this video from HHS

and fill out HHS' questionnaire

The website is a good place for lots of info, especially if you are in a different state.

3) The latest (November) issue of Consumer Reports which came out just a couple of days ago has a very good package.  What is particularly useful is their quality ratings of all the plans in the U.S.

 4) If anyone successfully enrolls in the Maryland Insurance marketplace on October 1, and are willing to talk with reporters, please let me know as soon as possible.  If you are planning to do so, please contact me beforehand to setup arrangements.

5)  If willing to serve as a volunteer to support the Affordable Care Act, please contact Tony Hausner  We have a variety of ways in mind that folks can help and we are putting together a more complete description of those activities. 

6) See also my previous blogs, especially

How Buying Insurance Will Change Under Obamacare; New Whitehouse website: This is Obamacare; + more


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