Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Early ACA Returns

Here are some of the early returns and reflections on the just "completed" enrollment period.   I put a qualification as one can still enroll in many states if they attest that they tried unsuccessfully.  Also, if there is a status change you can make a change and Medicaid enrollment is continuous.  While there has been considerable successes, there is much work to be done.  And Maryland has struggled considerably more than much of the country.  I sure hope the Connecticut fix will work.

Here are various news reports, videos, etc which highlight some of the reactions to the end of this first major enrollment period.

 Video: Obama on Health Care Enrollment Numbers

MISSING FROM THE NUMBERS – “Newly Enrolled, but Not Counted by Insurance Exchanges” 

“Kids suffer when their parents lose their health insurance. Maine knows this firsthand” Bangor Daily News (Opinion)

Co-op Health Insurance Plans See Early Success

Politico: Enrollment Caveats Will Keep ACA Counting

The Star Tribune: As Deadline Passes, MNsure Exceeds Sign-Up Goal

Commonwealth Fund:

1) New Study Finds 32 Million Underinsured in 2012  

2) The ACA's Medicaid Expansion: Alternative State Approaches  

 3) Measuring Progress in Care for 'Dual Eligibles'

 Why Some Don’t Pay Their Obamacare Premium: It’s Not What You Think


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