Sunday, November 30, 2014

1/2 million enroll in 1st week; Lawsuits +

 Obamacare Sign-Ups Near 500,000 After First Week
About 50% new and 50% re-enrollees.  

1 Million Applied for Health Insurance in Federal Marketplace in First Week of Enrollment  Administration Warns Employers: Don’t Dump Sick Workers From Plans Illegal Immigrants Could Receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama Action Do  not like the term illegal. 

Turning 21? Here’s How To Avoid A Big Hike In Health Insurance Premiums

The Next Court Challenge to the Affordable Care Act's Future
This is the case before the Supreme Court.  Can taxes apply to the Federally run exchanges or only the State run exchanges.

Suit on Health Law Puts Focus on Funding Powers
This is the case where the the Republicans are suing the President for spending funds which were not authorized. Pear suggests that the Republicans might have a case but that the Courts may not get involved.

Chuck Schumer Joins Criticism Chorus  Not sure why Schumer is criticizing now. What is the point.  This just undermines the party and the President.  Does it get him or the party anywhere?

Obamacare, Coming to a Mall Near You

New Kaiser Tool Calculates By Locality the Share of Potential ACA Federal Marketplace Enrollees That Signed Up for 2014 Plans  Only applies to those in the Federal exchange 

The New Yorker: How 3-D Printing Is Changing Medicine 

Montgomery County HHS is hosting an major enrollment event:  Saturday, December 6,  9 am – 3 pm,  Silver Spring Civic Building, 1 Veterans Plaza, 9-3:30 p.m. More on this later. 

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