Friday, November 21, 2014

Immigrants Access To Health Care

Immigrants Here Illegally Will Not Get Access To Health Law But May Get Other Coverage

Poll: Partisans Expect ACA Debate to Continue, Though Public Splintered Over What Congress Should Do
 Many uninsured say that they cannot afford ACA plans.

Risk Stratification to Inform Care Management for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees: State Strategies

Consumer Reports' ACA Resources
Several useful resources, including on taxes.

Alliance for Health Reform Briefing: Health Insurance Marketplaces, Round II: Results and Expectations


  • If the Supreme Court ACA ruling invalidates subsidies, many could lose access to coverage, not only low-income individuals, said Timothy Jost. However, he added, those with subsidies before the ruling should be able to keep them for the year.
  • Premiums and deductibles will vary by state for 2015, said Sara Collins. She noted that they fell in Colorado, but increased in Minnesota. And, said Timothy Jost, today's second lowest silver plan may not be the same as it was last year, so consumers should shop around.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has awarded $60 million in navigator grants to 90 organizations for 2015 in an effort to help consumers find the best health plans for them, said Meena Seshamani.
  • Underlying factors impacting premiums include provider consolidation and high-priced prescription drugs, said Dan Durham. States with more market competition have lower premiums, he added.

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