Friday, March 25, 2011

CBS Radio Interview with Tony Hausner on Health Reform at the 1st anniverary and Safe Silver Spring

I participate in a radio interview on CBS Local Radio Station 1580 9 a.m.   - 10 a.m., Monday, 3/28.  I talk about health care reform from 9:30 to almost the end, and talk briefly about Safe Silver Spring near the end.  This past Wednesday was the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

You can listen  either on the radio station 1580  or on the web at the above link. 

This interview was taped on Friday, 3/25. 

You can also listen to the show at

the host of the show.  Either live or he will post shortly afterwards.

I have the mp3 files if anyone wants.

I was impressed with Guled's handling of the show, with his sidekick for today Mumin Barre, and to Sam, the technician.  All were great to work with.  

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