Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summary of material prepared for Organizing for America Maryland

I am working as a volunteer for Organizing for America Maryland/Montgomery County.  OFA/MoCo has created a number of strategy teams including a health reform team.  As part of the team's planning, I have put together the following list of materials, much of it comes from earlier postings to this blog. 

1) here is some key material from herndon alliance






look over the entire site.  I will see what I can do to get some training from them

2) here are some postings on my blog

a) timeline

Sunday, March 28, 2010

timeline, etc

for a good timeline of what happens when, go to

b) useful summaries

i) http://healthreformaction.blogspot.com/2010/03/retirees.html


ii) this month I have several sources for good material on summaries of the bill

here is perhaps the best summary of sources


my best source is time magazine article, also kaiser, consumer reports, and health reform.gov (that site ahs a great deal of useful material, but it maybe too much for our purpose)

here is another source that came out later


iii) this link takes you to wash post article which is excellent and to the book

iv) here are a couple of good sources on budget implications for federal government and nation as a whole

feds (from cbo)


v) nation (from commonwealth fund)


vi) great article on comprehensive approach to health care including social work approaches. 


3) some very useful newsletters include kaiser health news and commonwealth fund newsletter (http://tinyurl.com/46b85pl)

4) here is my blog


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