Monday, February 2, 2015

Medicaid Pay Hike Opened Doors For Patients

Medicaid Pay Hike Opened Doors For Patients, Study Finds

High Court Weighs Whether Providers Can Sue States Over Medicaid Pay

How A State’s Choice On Medicaid Expansion Affects Hospitals

King v. Burwell: The Prohibitive Cost of Any Congressional Response to a Ruling Against the Affordable Care Act 

This article says if the Supreme Court rules against the ACA, it will be impossible for Congress to compensate.  

Poll Confirms That The Republican Party's Obamacare Strategy Is Extraordinarily Unpopular -Think Progress

No Case for Killing the Medical Device Tax

Projected Health Spending Has Fallen Since 2010, Even With Health Reform’s Coverage Expansions

Final Push Underway For Obamacare Sign-Ups
Ordinary Politics: Continuation of the Health Reform War by Other Means

Obamacare’s not so bad after all, business leaders say

Encouraging news in Texas, a state that did not expand Medicaid.  

Piling On Work to Escape Gap in Health Law

Four million adults in the 22 states that did not expand Medicaid earn too much for that program but too little to receive federal subsidies for coverage.  Ties into story just above. 

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