Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost there

Several sources tell me the senate will finalize its decisions within 24 hours.  What fantastic progress.  

The polls, e.g., the gallup poll, are shifting quickly to support health reform; that is very encouraging. 

Obama's group will be organizing some celebrations for volunteers and I am helping with that.

The following link

is a nice program that you respond to a few questions and it will tell you what the impact of reform will be on you and your family.  

One of our next jobs is to explain all the benefits of this legislation to the american people.  There are many that people are not aware of.  I know that I am aware of tons of them having kept up with many of major provisions.  Most of the public is not aware of them. 

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  1. kaiser health news indicates that hospitals and medical associations are speaking very positively about the bill. Insurers are now starting to put effort into figuring out how to recruit people into the new plans. Sounds good to me.