Sunday, March 7, 2010

crunch time

this is crunch time in my mind on health reform. we really need to do all we can to support reform. We are very close but we need to get over the goal line. If we don't, it will be a tremendous missed opportunity and the dems will be in deep trouble. This is far from a perfect bill but it is a very good bill. Over 30 million folks will get health insurance, and there are many changes in this bill that will make the system more cost effective over the long run. If anyone wants me to, I can enumerate all the changes that make it more cost effective. Some top examples include providing insurance to folks not covered which keeps them out of the ERs, the health insurance exchanges, which make that part much more efficient, and provide rational control of that segment of the insurance market. Comparative effectiveness research, pay for performance, the Medicare Cost Review Commission, many demonstrations on delivery reform that have potential improvements in cost effectiveness, malpractice reform efforts, etc.

I am very pleased that I have again helped organize phonebanks in silver spring over the next few weeks. Folks not in silver spring can get involved with phonebanks by checking You can also call from home or organize your own houseparty using this website. Please everyone do what you can. I will be posting more details on the phonebanks very soon

for what its worth, just a recap on a few good sources

ny times prescription blog
center for budget and policy priorities
kaiser health news (best source going)

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