Friday, March 5, 2010

new blog

google somehow inactivated my old health reform blog. so I have created this new one. Plan to cover topics like my views on legislation and what we can do to encourage reform.

My main concern right now is setting up phonebanks in silver spring. We plan to phonebank over the next few weeks. I have made good progress in the last 48 hours and have several folks lined up already. People can form their own phonebanks, have phonebank parties, or just call from their own homes. Just go to, setup an account and look for events or create an event. I think we need to use every strategy we can to push for this legislation. This is to important to fail. If this does not get passed, the dems are in deep trouble and we are so close now, we can't waste this chance.

Re the chances for legislation. I am quite concerned. this is not an easy road but it can be done. My biggest concern is the stupak faction. Can a compromise be achieved between his group and the rest of the dem supporters. How critical is his group's vote.

I also think the dems need to do a better job of selling reform. Covering more people is not only the moral thing to do, it also creates cost efficiencies. Better to treat a person early than in the ER room. This bill has many features that lead to cost savings and greater cost effectiveness. This part of the bills has not been sold very well. Some of these provisions may be complicated to explain but some of them are simpler to understand.

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