Friday, March 12, 2010

article on reform, phonebanking

NY times article on reform

this article gives a good view of where things stand right now on health reform. Suggests that they may not need stupak and that very few are sticking with him. the article is neither optimistic or pessimistic. that is a good sign in my mind.

Last night I was in bethesda along with a few other folks making phonecalls to ohio. Our goal is to get those folks to call their local congressional rep. We were calling in Representative Boccieri's district. I have set up phonebanking in silver spring from 3/15-18 and 3/23-5. So far 21 folks have agreed to make calls during that time period. Please come join us. Last night I made 45 calls in 90 minutes, reached 8 folks and 3 agreed to make calls to their rep. One had just been laid off from work.

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