Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Failing Older Patients, New Round on ACOs

Necessary Steps: How Health Care Fails Older Patients, 

And How It Can Be Done Better  

Medicare Announces New Models For Accountable Care Programs 

CMS plans a new set of ACOs. Do not know enough details, but I have been unimpressed with the Innovation Centers bypassing of Experimental Designs.  When I was at CMS, the use of such designs lead to many very successful projects that resulted in major progress through legislation.  Several of my projects have made an incredible difference, resulting in many billions of dollars in savings and major benefits to many lives.  

Mental Health Providers Look For Federal Incentives To Go Digital, Too  

What are the effects of not expanding Medicaid?

Enroll In Clinical Trials Through Your IPhone 

The Wall Street Journal: Health-Care Deductibles Climbing Out Of Reach 

More Young People But Fewer Minorities Pick ACA Plans 


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