Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Medicare Pay Reform, Nursing Home and Hospital Quality

1)Medicare Payment Reform

2) Nursing Home Quality studies from Vince Mor

I asked Vince Mor of Brown University the following question: 

A speaker the other day stated that Nursing Homes that accept Medicaid only patients have lower quality of care than homes that accept those that have insurance or sufficent resources to pay for nursing home care at the time of admission.  The above link provides a list of studies he supplied in response to this question.  

3) Is Your Data Safe at Healthcare.gov

4) Workers' Costs Grow Despite Slowed Health Spending

5)   The Diseases We Spend Our Health Dollars On

6) Here are a number of articles from Health Affairs latest issue. 

National Hospital Ratings Systems Share Few Common Scores And May Generate Confusion Instead Of Clarity

KHN had an report on the above article: 
Groups That Rate Hospitals Often Disagree On Rankings

Medicare’s Bundled Payment Initiative: Most Hospitals Are Focused On A Few High-Volume Conditions

English National Health Service’s Savings Plan May Have Helped Reduce The Use Of Three ‘Low-Value’ Procedures

Safety-Net Hospitals More Likely Than Other Hospitals To Fare Poorly Under Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing

Medicaid Beneficiaries In California Reported Less Positive Experiences When Assigned To A Managed Care Plan

Use Of Intelligent Assignment To Medicare Part D Plans For People With Schizophrenia Could Produce Substantial Savings

Comparing Employer-Sponsored And Federal Exchange Plans: Wide Variations In Cost Sharing For Prescription Drugs

Despite The Spread Of Health Information Exchange, There Is Little Evidence Of Its Impact On Cost, Use, And Quality Of Care

US Hospitals Experienced Substantial Productivity Growth During 2002–11

Narrative Matters: Necessary Steps: How Health Care Fails Older Patients, And How It Can Be Done Better

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