Thursday, March 26, 2015

Supreme Court Subsidy Decision; Quality Focus; Jobs

2) NQF Honors Consumers’ CHECKBOOK Founder Robert Krughoff with Inaugural Consumers and Patients for Quality Award

I have previously written about the advantages of Checbook's comparison of Illinois' ACA plans. I hope that this model spreads to all the other states.  Glad to see that not only have they been recognized by RWJF for this new product, but that NQF also has honored them. 

This sounds good. The devil is in the specifics.  

4) ACA-related Jobs Grow Faster in Medicaid Expansion States - Forbes Magazine andCenter for American Progress.

7) Test Your Knowledge of the Affordable Care Act’s Tax Provisions                     
With the tax filing deadline approaching, Americans for the first 

time are confronting several Affordable Care Act tax requirements 

as they fill out their returns.  A new interactive quiz from the 

Kaiser Family Foundation tests people’s knowledge about what the 

individual mandate means for taxpayers, what penalties may apply, 

and how those who receive premium subsidies through the ACA's 

Marketplaces will reconcile the amounts based on actual income.
I got only 5 of 10 correct. Tough quiz.  

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