Saturday, January 17, 2015

ACA greatly improves access and lowers costs

The Rise in Health Care Coverage and Affordability Since Health Reform Took Effect

For the first time, The Commonwealth Fund’s Biennial Health Insurance Survey—fielded since 2001—finds sharp declines in uninsured rates for working-age Americans. The number of people reporting that costs were a problem in accessing care also fell, as did the number of people with trouble paying medical bills.

Repeal the medical device tax? A new report challenges the economic reasoning of the move:

Web First - Medicare Per Capita Spending By Age And Service: New Data Highlights Oldest Beneficiaries. This Web First is part of our re-established DataWatch series, which features timely health-related data and surveys. New analysis of Medicare spending from 2000-11 found that in 2011 per capita spending increased with age, from $7,566 for beneficiaries age seventy to $16,145 at age ninety-six, and then declined for even older beneficiaries.

End-of-life instructions find no place in electronic health records 

Performance Based Financing: main lessons from two recent scientific studies


On health reform, Judy Solomon highlightednew studies showing that millions more Americans will be uninsured and premiums will jump if the Supreme Court disallows health reform subsidies for people getting coverage through the federal marketplace.  Paul Van de Water reiterated that arguments for repealing health reform’s medical device tax are as weak as ever.

Tavenner To Leave CMS; Burwell Lays Out 'To Do' List With GOP Lawmakers 

My impression is she did an excellent job under very difficult circumstances.  

I think there is so much more that smartphones can do with medical information. Kaiser has a very comprehensive electronic system that allows one to read their entire medical record.  

States Prepare No 'Plan B' Ahead Of High Court Subsidy Ruling

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