Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anti-ACA case unravels; Major Medicaid Benefits

1)   Rationale for anti-ACA case continues to unravel

This is the King vs Burwell case where the issue is whether the ACA subsidizes insurance for consumers nationwide, or only consumers who enroll through state exchanges. 

Republicans Knew Obamacare Subsidies Were Universal. Here's Proof

Adminstration's brief filed in Supreme Court

This is the brief that the Administration submitted.  A friend and former colleague posted this.  

2) Medicaid-Eligible Children Grow Up to Earn More and Pay More in Taxes

3) State Strategies for Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Services in a Changing Medicaid Environment

4) At Least Half Of New Medicare Advantage Enrollees Had Switched From Traditional Medicare During 2006–11

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