Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Venture Capital and HealthPlan Finder Website

Here are several articles about Healthcare IT and Venture Capital.  These provide suggestions for investments.  Welcome comments on the merits of these investments. 

Health-care IT investment boom: Who's the next winner?

I am interested in advice on Venture Capital Firms that can assist in marketing Steve Morse's website. Perhaps as discussed in the NY Times article below.  Please suggest Health IT Venture Capital firms to thausner@gmail.com. I plan to write 

to some of the companies mentioned in the articles above.  

Steve Morse has developed a website that helps consumers select the best health insurance plans, which participate in the Affordable Care Act to meet their needs.  

Here is his website

Here are some of my blog posting about his site.  They reference two articles from two of the top news sources in the health policy field.  

Morse's site is lead article in CQ HealthBeat  A great comparison healthplan shopping site.  [CQHealthBeat is published by Congressional Quarterly]

 Zeke Emanuel in Politico:  Whoneeds Healthcare.gov.  Easy to use planfinder sites.   Zeke Emanuel was a  key player in developing the Affordable Care Act. 

The following article suggests ways in which Morse's site can be of particular use.  

By way of background, I spent 26 years working at the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (see my resume at http://healthreformaction.blogspot.com/
on my blog) and have spent the last 5 years as a volunteer with the ACA in various capacities.  Several Health Connectors in Maryland have found Morse's site extremely useful. 

I have also written about investments in the health care field. See  Investment implications of the ACA – expanded

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