Saturday, January 24, 2015

Complex: Premium Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions; Latinos

1) Reporting Changes in Circumstances:  How Changes in Income and Household Size Affect Premium Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions

CBPP hosted a webinar on 1/21 on the above topic.  This is a very complex topic and CBPP presented a very useful analysis of this complex but very important topic. 

Other webinars by CBPP can be found at CBPP: Health Reform - Beyond the Basics 

The 1/21 webinar guides navigators and consumers on how to make comparisons between plans on premiums, deductibles, copays, etc.  What I had not realized is that there are so many variables that one must consider in making such comparisons.  I think this is very hard to do for a navigator let alone a consumer.  I feel that a tool needs to be developed to make such comparisons easier for all and that it takes into account a consumers individual  or family needs. I recommend that you review this webinar.  Very well done but raises lots of concerns for me. 

On Friday, I received the following from Washington Consumer Checkbook in answer to my concerns.  

CHECKBOOK's Help for the New Health Insurance Marketplaces

This is the perfect answer to my concerns. Checkbook has been doing this kind of analysis on Federal Health Plans for many years and they have always provided extremely useful analyses.  I am very grateful to them for this latest product.  

2) Latino Enrollment Is Obamacare Priority

Efforts Intensify to Sign Up Hispanics for Health Care
3) Parents earning more than $3,760 are ‘too rich’ to qualify for Medicaid in Texas

5) Pay-For-Performance Schemes That Use Patient And Provider Categories Would Reduce Payment Disparities

6) Big Data In Health Care: Using Analytics To Identify And Manage High-Risk And High-Cost Patients

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