Friday, January 9, 2015

No to changing ACA work requirement; Supreme Court case; Taxes

Why Changing the Definition of Full-Time Work Under the ACA Will Put More Workers at Risk and Increase Federal Spending
 Glad to see this article.  I did not realize all the consequences of this possible change.  

CBPP: Republican Leaders Deploying Untruths on 40-Hour Health Bill

GOP, Now In Control Of Capitol Hill, Takes Aim At Health Law's Employer Mandate 
President Rejects GOP Change to ObamaCare 
 He would veto

Small Businesses Snub Health Exchanges for Coverage

Five Things Governors Want the Do-Nothing Congress to, Well, Do

How A Stray Remark By A Republican Governor Could Save Obamacare From The Supreme Court
Hope CAP is right on this.

Conservatives Know the Latest Obamacare Challenge is Weak – That’s Why They’re Trying to Spin John Roberts

Meet The New Health Law Tax Form Statements by Secretary Lew and Secretary Burwell on preparing for the upcoming tax season

False Tax Claims  
GOP Governors Seek Flexibility from Obama on Medicaid Work Rules   Pharma, Biotech Stocks Avoid Much Of Early New Year's Malaise

‘America’s Bitter Pill,’ by Steven Brill  
Brill wrote a great Time magazine article "Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us."  This review of his new book by a similar title in NYTimes is quite positive.  I have read another review that is less so. 

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