Friday, October 11, 2013

101113: Latino populations; System Problems; Young Enrollees, etc.

This issue focuses on the ACA and Latino populations.  What do you think of the first two documents related to this topic? Are they useful?

This issue also discusses computer system problems with the marketplaces; information on the participation of youngenrollees which is encouraging;  and information from the Maryland Health Connection.

Latino toolkit from Get Covered

Get covered (part of Enroll America) has put together a package of materials for the Latino population. Please let me know what you think.

2) California embraces ACA with outreach to immigrant populations

3) Florida has not such good experiences

Blue Cross Plans Lowest Cost In Many Exchange Marketplaces, Writes

5) See if your local CVS store is on the list! This Saturday, Oct. 12, at many CVS stores in Maryland you can learn about how you could get quality health coverage though Maryland Health Connection. Find a store near you:


written by a former colleague of mine from HHS days.  His article points out that the Medicare prescription drug program had similar problems and did not report for the first month, but the ACA problems are worse.  However, it is a much more complex program.  

7) Obamacare needs young people to sign up. And it looks like they’re starting.

by Sarah Kliff Washington Post 

8)  MHC update report

This report from today provides a status update from MHC.  Looks encouraging. 

Maryland Health Connection (MHC) Quality Report

At my suggestion, MHC added a report on the quality of health plans.

10) Want evidence feds are trying to fix HealthCare.Gov? Here it is.
 from Sarah Kliff, Washpost

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