Monday, October 14, 2013

Progress report in my new OFA assignment

Here is a list of some of my activities in the first two weeks as the new Maryland State Deputy Issue Lead for ACA Implementation. 

o Participated in a debate on WUSA
o Thanks to Ernest Le, Maryland State Issue Lead for ACA Implementation, we discovered that an insurance broker had created an illegal site. I reported this to the State and Baltimore Sun did an article on this.

o Recommended to the State that they include quality ratings of plans and they added that
o Arranged along with Prince George's chapter to provide several volunteers to assist at Senator Rosapepe's enrollment fair. We provided about 10 of the 22 volunteers at the fair. 140 persons completed enrollment applications. 
o Arranged with Silver Spring Regional Center to put out a blast for volunteers. 
o Arranged with Rabbi Shneyer to recruit volunteers from his 2 congregations and to work with other churches and synagogues in the region. 
o Attend the weekly meetings of the Capital Region connector and have discussed their needs for volunteers as well as handling their volunteers
o Have recruited a number of volunteers primarily in Montgomery County but in other counties in the State and have shared that with chapter leads or with Ernest Le,
o The Montgomery County volunteer center has offered to recruit volunteers for us. 
o Have blogged daily about ACA.

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