Thursday, October 24, 2013

102413 : today's news

This post only has articles that you are less likely to see elsewhere.  


It's Time For The White House To Come Clean About What's Going On With The Obamacare Website

This site maybe very useful for looking at the plans in states that are part of  Does not apply to the states with their own exchanges. 
Steve Morse has created extremely valuable one-step tools in the genealogy field and many folks have greatly benefited from his work, including myself. he is a computer scientist or something like that. 
Please let me know if this is useful and if so, please share with the administration. I would like to see him add more data to his system, such as premiums after taxes, quality info, participation by doctors in a plan, etc. 

 4) I reviewed the articles, etc about today's hearings. Certainly raises lots of questions.  I refer back to my blog from the other day in which I raised questions pointing to possible solutions.  Some additional thoughts. At least setup the system to allow navigators to enter the data. 

5) A Diagram Of, Based On The People Who Built It

A useful description of the key contractors who testified today and their work on the project. 

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