Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5: Maryland problems; Senator Rosapepe's successful ACA enrollee fair

1) For some shoppers, buying Obamacare is turning into a marathon Ezra Klein Washpost

This is not good news.  Maryland seems to be having the biggest problems. Progress is being made but there are many challenges ahead for Maryland and HHS among others.  Some states are having great success.  Shows a great deal of interest, more than expected.  Hope they can solve these problems in the near future.  They have until March 31 but hope it is soon.

  2) Senator Rosapepe and D21 Delegates Affordable Care Event

a) Here is a news report from Channel 8 part of WJLA-TV.  Channel 8 reporter Kristen Holmes


These are my photos from today.  Lost several photos.

c) Event summary

This event was organized by Senator Rosapepe, his staff, especially Carolyn Brenner, and the other D21 delegates.  About 100 folks signed up for the ACA.  They completed a paper application with the navigators.  There were 21 navigators present.  We provided 22 volunteers.  Most potential enrollees had pre-registered but quite a few were walk-ins.  As noted, the Maryland Health Connection was present.  Several health plans were present including Carefirst,  Kaiser, and Evergreen a brand new Coop.  I helped recruit a number of volunteers along with Mark Ferrenz and Darryl Pryor. 

d) Had very interesting conversations with Ari Ashe from WTOP.  He interviewed me and then we talked quite a bit afterwards about ACA, transportation, etc  Then I got to talk with this photographer from Washpost.  We talked about lots of things, like Bezos, post photographers.  He took lots of photos but  at best only a few photos will make it in to the paper if at all.  The rest are stored internal to Post.  We agreed that it is too bad that the rest of his photos are not available to public. One or two of his photos might make it into Sunday's paper. 

e) As of this time, do not see a report by Ari Ashe on the web or live broadcast.  Will add if I see it on later. 

Update:    here is Ari's report

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