Friday, October 25, 2013

Latino Program on Tuesday; Timetable; +

1)  Just sent out an email which contains contains the following:  a) An Affordable Care Act (ACA) Program for the Latino Community on Tuesday evening in Wheaton.  b) Maryland Health Connection 102513 Update

This email with the details can be found at

2) Here are other highlights in the news today.  The news from HHS is encouraging. Sounds like they have a definite plan which addresses some key problems.  The question is can they produce.  The same applies to Maryland's system but they have not announced as definitive a plan. 

a) will work smoothly by end of November, government pledges

If it takes until November, will this result in a change in the timetable for the enrollment and penalty deadlines.

b) CO has the best #Obamacare ads & health exchange website:

c)  Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein) tweeted at 4:25pm - 25 Oct 13:

MT @Sebelius: Today, Jeff Zients spoke in-depth about our ongoing efforts to improve More:

  Charles Ornstein (@charlesornstein) tweeted at 4:14pm - 25 Oct 13: is busted. These four state exchanges aren’t.

d) KFF: Estimate the impact of subsidies and premiums on your health insurance costs with our calculator

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