Saturday, December 14, 2013

1) Criticism of Maryland health exchange; 2) Tackling Costs

Democrats sharpen criticism of Maryland health exchange via Baltimore Sun  

Reports from the Silver Spring Health Center Enrollment Fair is that the navigators are having somewhat more success with the internal network.  Glad to hear. 

2) Went to an Alliance for Health Reform Seminar yesterday

Tackling Health Care Costs: Finding Common Ground 

Some excellent presentations on ways we can improve costs and improve quality.   

Here are the slides for two of the key speakers

Ginsburg Presentation 
Nuzum Presentation 

The event was broadcast on C-Span and I got to ask the first question.  Panel told me afterwards, that they liked the question.   

3)  Benefit Costs: Calm Before the Storm? via

Some interesting results. Do not know how accurate their predictions. 

4)  From the estimable @sam_baker // Take Two Aspirin and Blame Everything on #Obamacare 

5)  From: Healthcare Reform in Action: Montgomery County Leadership Summit that took place on October 28th. The event organizers have prepared this report summarizing the working lunch discussions and outlining the top 10 actionable items that can be addressed in the short term.

Click Here to Download the Report


  1. Have updated to indicate Maryland exchange is working better today

  2. Further updated: Added Baltimore Sun article and that MD Health Connection reports that applicants have enrolled in plans and paid premiums