Saturday, December 7, 2013

Morse expands his website +

1)   At the request of Maryland's Capital Region Connector staff, Steve Morse has added to his site, a calculator for the cost sharing subsidy. 

2) Here's hoping that today's ACA enrollment fair goes well in Silver Spring and about 6 other locations in the Capital  Region.  As you know, the D20 team is cosponsoring the Silver Spring fair.  There will also be fairs on 12/14 and 12/21 at many of these same locations.   

Covered California exchange gave consumers' contact info to agents

Bad move. They could have asked the folks if they would like to be contacted by an agent.  

4) Sorry to read about RebeccaPearce's resignation as Executive Director of Maryland Health Connection.  Did not know her, and do not know enough details about her leadership. Clearly the organization has had problems. Wish her the best.  

What if young adults eligible for their parents’ plans want to purchase their own coverage through the exchanges?

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