Sunday, December 1, 2013

NYT: White House Says Health Website Vastly Improved

NYT: White House Says Health Website Vastly Improved

2)  The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake defended President Obama's health care program today as a panelist on NBC's Meet the Press.
My comment to this article which was posted on facebook. Also, applies to other articles on this page:

I agree that progress has been made by I am glad to see that. I also agree that the main issue is getting folks health insurance who do not have it, or better policies. I am concerned that Maryland is having major problems as well.

[Additional thought: Nevertheless, as noted by several articles, there are still many challenges ahead for these health websites, such as getting the correct info to the insurance companies as too many errors are occurring at that end]

For both systems, I believe comparison tools are needed to be able to optimally compare plans on a variety of dimensions. See my blog about this issue.

LATimes:stores selling Obamacare policies popping up across California

Stores are selling insurance in California. Will spread across the country likely. Consumers need to use comparison shopping sites like Morse’s to make best decisions.

Even for the Federal and State sites, comprehensive consumer comparison sites are needed.
- See more at:

meets deadline for fixes, White House says via

4) READ: The White House Obamacare progress report

MT : Telling that insurers felt the need to release statement saying back-end problems still aren't fixed:

Many of the states not allowing renewals of canceled health plans are those most invested in the success of the :

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