Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SS Enrollment Fair 12/7; 5 tips for HHS site; + and - articles including MD

1) Here are details on enrollment fair on Saturday 12/7

Silver Spring ACA enrollment fair 120713 MoCo HHS D20 sponsors

Saturday, December 7, 2013 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
8818 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring 20910
Bilingual help available.

Sponsored by Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Maryland Health Connection

Thank you to Senator Jamie Raskin, and Delegates Sheila Hixson, Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur for sponsoring this event.

Please spread the word and encourage all to attend who are interested, having problems, etc. 


Very useful change including info on consumer reports. Morse site has much more info: premiums, subsidies, quality, doctors, all 1 page.  See

3) See my email from today with more info about ACA and other issues 

4) From the White House

Health reform stories you probably haven't been hearing:

 Asks you to share the stories. Very easy to do. 

5) There are articles both + and - on the ACA.
a) Maryland articles, quite negative

Not just ; spent more than hour trying to sign up someone on ; site failed and couldn't get call ctr

ii) Despite troubles, state keeps goal for health exchange

Read more:,0,7875915.story#ixzz2mXI78zoe

 iii) Problems continue for Maryland insurance exchange,0,6393517.column

Oops - another ACA "horror story" pushed by the GOP turns out to be 100% bogus.

New York Times


New Obamacare weapon for GOP: Doctors


Some vulnerability here.  


Is this bad or good news 

California Republicans have set up a website about Obamacare that is designed to confuse, mislead and frighten the public.

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